I have been exploring the evolution of traditional Japanese 2D flat art, and the transition into the digital ‘Superflat’ Japanese art that we see everywhere today. Developing my interest into the world of Japanese contemporary artists has inspired me in my daily practices, while helping me to cope with my mental health and general wellbeing, and my ability to communicate with other people.
I have produced personal art pieces to express how Japanese art and ‘Kawaii’ (cute in Japanese) culture has helped me during this part of my life. I hope that strangers can look at my work and think “That’s so cute, I forgot about my problems for a little bit and it made me smile”, since this is the feeling I have when I surround myself with cute Japanese art and creations. 
I have produced a small zine, sculptures, and a post card directed to my future self, and the people viewing my work at the exhibition. The project is personal to me, but I want to spread my own message to the viewers.