The idea of connection is central to my practice, both in terms of how my pieces connect to each other and how they connect to the space around, they are inspired by nature, organic forms, and bees we see with the naked eye and their microscopic science. That part of our environment that is hidden from view is especially inspiring and always fascinates me.  

Biomimetics and Thermoregulation have been utilized in my work evolving the Bee/Insect Hotel to be more bee/insect friendly while being aesthetically pleasing and environmental conscious. Through the means of Art, it is possible to point out the importance of our environments. We as artists have the power and the obligation to reach out to the public in an inspirational, unobtrusive, and experiential way that may bring about a better understanding than the scientific study, which can, to the layman, be tedious or uninteresting.  

I want to continue to create art that celebrates the natural world, expresses, and brings about an awareness of environmental concerns and animal rights, shows my love for nature, and reminds people of our role as humans to take care of the planet we are a part of.