In my work as a designer I am always drawn to nature and the natural world. I love to design interior and home style pieces that are an extension of the outside, bringing the outside in. I like to create fun statement pieces that can work alongside any home style. 

 I was inspired to create my Tropical Bliss collection as a way to bring a fun element of nature and wildlife from across the world into our homes, which given the current climate we are spending more and more time in.  

 The collection is a series of patterned lampshades which combine the pattern with strong block colours. The pieces feature colourful, bright and playful imagery of tropical leaves and animals.  My lampshades are handmade using digital printed cloth and hand dyed fabrics. These pieces have commercial scope targeted at those who want to embrace an element of lively and quirky design in their homes. 

 As an interior designer I will continue to create pieces influenced by the world around us and look to see where I can take my skills and unique outlook to.