As they approach the end of the year,  our Foundation students are given  a  topic to consider  for their final project.  This year’s title is ‘Survival’  and it  has  formed  the starting point,  the  basis  of  research, ideas and  developmental  outcomes  of the work presented in this exhibition.  

The  title  ‘Survival’ is  an  oddly  recurrent  theme  in  our  comfortable  lives – the  media  finds  disasters,  and  those  who  survive  them, of  particular  interest.  Also  surviving personal troubles such as illness or addiction, and  ultimately  the  survival  of the  planet.  Students  were  tasked  to  ask themselves what survival means to them, personally and collectively. What do we need  in order to  survive in a particular place,  at a particular time? What if we know we  can’t  survive?  How  should  the artist or  designer  address  these  issues – philosophically,  practically,  politically  or  personally?  

This year has been like no other in my 20 years  of working on Foundation, almost a full academic year of Covid lockdown has forced us into our homes and out of public and social  spaces.  The students have  taken on this challenge,  responding  with energy and enthusiasm  to the uncertain times we find ourselves  in.  It  gives me great pleasure to share the creativity that has been applied throughout the year on Foundation  and  I am  sure you can sense the time and effort that has gone into producing this  collection of work.  I would like to thank, friends, families and relatives for their support and encouragement.   I would also like to thank my  core  staff team, Shellie, Anthony, Jason, Becky along with  the support from the faculty Staff, Dave, Craig,  Julia  and Martin. A very special thank you to  my technicians  Tash and  recently retired Terri  for  all of  their hard work, dedication and understanding.   Most of all, I would like to thank  all of  the Foundation  students and  wish you all success in your creative futures.   

Katherine  Clewett, Programme  Manager, Cert HE Art and Design Foundation