As a designer I have a keen interest in the environment and most of my work revolves around a natural influence such as plant life. As a result the patterns I design, which are usually for a fashion context, often have a flora and fauna theme. During my time at UWTSD I have learnt and developed a range of different skills that have greatly impacted my style and practice. Because of this I now often use a variety of embroidery techniques, lino printing and machine and free hand stitching as key elements in my work and are usually noticeable features within my designs. For this project, named biophilia in fashionI was inspired by nature and the design theories of biophilia. To bring the idea of biophilia into my work I have used embroidery and lino printing to implement texture as this is described by theorist such as Stephen Kellert and Elizabeth Calabrese as a crucial part of biophilic design. The imagery that I used was inspired by places such as Plantasia. After graduating I hope to work with companies that have a pro-active approach to sustainability and the environment as well as furthering my skills as a designer.