Concept and character design interests me. Written narration for each character is key to proving context. I create pure visual illustrations that capture the ways in which characters interact with each other as well as in isolation. 
Artist Yoshitaka Amano inspired me for the imaginative and expressive quality he brings to his characters, orientated around fantasy they are unique and individual. His loose style of drawing retains human structure accurately, a quality I am working towards. In contrast to Amano, Hirohiko Araki creates more realistic characters. The striking boldness makes them appear strong and dynamic and he blends designer fashion into this contemporary design.  
My drawing process involves more traditional, analogue and digital methods, since I find one compliments the other in combination. I choose pencils, fine liners, markers, and water colour paints, as they suit my particular drawing style, which is sensitive and illustrative. Digital drawing allows me to use a mix of different medias and tools to advance my drawing skills. 
For the exhibition, I have designed and developed characters, incorporating costumes to express their individual personalities.