My name is Boris Kamarashki. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria my passion for cars began at a very early age. Cars and supercars in particular have always fascinated me with their looks, sound and the unique emotion they bring to people. As a youngster, I was always drawing cars in my notebooks and always went on a hunt after school to spot some supercars and take photos of them. Fast forward to 2021 and I am already a well-known published automotive photographer with my brand- BK Automotive and I am graduating Automotive Design Bachelor’s degree at UWTSD.  

This is my final year Automotive Design project, the Ferrari Daytona Homage. With my concept, I am trying to show that we can make Electric cars more exciting and appealing even to the truest petrol heads.  

I chose Ferrari as a brand as it is not only one of my favorite car manufacturers but also as it is the most recognized sports car brand on the planet. Ferrari’s cars have always been an emotional experience for the driver and everyone on the streets. With their looks, sound and bright red color Ferrari’s cars are immediately recognizable. With my project, I’m trying to keep this same exciting aura and implement it into my Ferrari Daytona Homage.