Carol Harris

Postgraduate (Textile Design)

About Carol

What is Democracy Anyway?!…’ is positioned (projected) in multiple sightlines within the unlit space. I decided upon the subject of democracy reflected with text and attaching it, created from an initial exchange with myself about my thoughts and opinions about the system and theory of democracy today. The filmed projections of animated designs capture movement, motion, and mood. Sound enhances these rhythmic movements of the projected text, with colour, light, and darkness infused across the screen: Engulfing parts of the room, for an immersive experience in this space, to make and evoke a plurality of sensation, to establish a mix of energy and by extension, for both (Text/Film) to coexist amongst that space. To invite dialogue, debate, and interaction, with no possibility for hierarchy, -Anyone and everyone can be there via the film, allowing me to share the experience within this amplified designated space. To explore and survey within it are pulsating colliding images, to let the viewers witness how the space could feel. To hold people in that space. Plato’s cave analogy directed my interpretation of placing myself walking into the darkness to participate… Vivid hues are my signal of hope and positivity and exhalation post-pandemic. The light sources are also a signal of hope; light has a presence to welcome an aesthetic to exist on a wall, a ceiling, a floor-An immersion in what is seen. Pattern textures developed when viewed from an aspect (corner) which established new shapes of the filmed projections-providing perception of elevation and exaggerated dimensions within the space. Filming the animated projections enabled control of the space-a physical choreography of the phenomenology to interact in, a distortion of all the phenomena of this space in the room. Emersion offers the reward of an experience, and viewers one day could experience the actuality…

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