I am drawn to the weird and wonderful aspects of life, I take my inspiration from the fascinating folklore and traditions that are born from cultures all over the world. I dissect these stories and recreate them into intricately rich wallpapers and textiles, which are expressed through my favourite methods of screen and lino print- I find these methods best represent who I am as a designer.  

My project, ‘Folklore Revival’ explores the mysterious tales from the British Isles; from ancient wells to magic spinners.  My interior wallpaper collection aims to reconnect people, through nostalgia in this uneasy time Covid has brought about. Reading tales from my childhood, I extracted poignant keywords to form the imagery and narrative in each of my sub-collections, they pay homage to an array of tales that I have brought into a contemporary light through design and colour. 

As a graduate, I plan to expand my cultural influences by travelling and building a personal body of work exploring different folklore and traditions around the world. This will enable me to build my portfolio and seek my dream of working within a studio producing printed wallpapers.