Dan Phillips

Film & TV

About Dan

My name is Daniel Phillips and I’m a third year Film & Television Production student at UWTSD. During my three years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many different skills and see where my passion lies for filmmaking. Despite the pandemic causing a lot of friction, I have still managed to accomplish many things during my studies. I wrote my first film and directed it which was an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to think in my feet and take charge of situations in the most appropriate fashion and it introduced me to life in the industry under covid guidelines. As of now I’m in the process of editing my final year film ‘Afanc’ it’s a short film about a journalist hunting down a serial killer and I hope to submit to multiple film festivals after it is finished. In terms of what happens next for me, I am currently looking at different paths as to where to go after I graduate. I am applying for various jobs and apprenticeships in film production that allow me to progress further with directing which is my main passion. I am also considering studying PGCE in the future so I could teach students like myself about film.