I love plants, nothing brings me more joy than being surrounded by them in my home, garden or community. I believe it is integral to the upkeep of our mental wellbeing, so I take a lot of my inspiration from the natural world, my favourite being rich, abundant jungle environments. However, my love of the natural world doesn’t just end with admiring it in all its glory.  

We take so much from nature; from inspiration, to raw materials and land. This collection builds on my research into the effects of the textiles industry on the planet; it has been important for me to research the best methods to get me started on my journey of Conscious Design. 

The collection is digitally printed with Azo Dye free inks, onto a range of hard wearing GOTS ECO Cotton. Digitally printing fabrics uses less chemical and water compared to other methods.  

For my inspiration I looked to the Amazon Rainforest and the magnificent Jaguar. I wanted the collection to be a celebration of this amazing animal and its natural habitat. Combining line drawings with bold gouache paintings of the jaguars to really make them pop within the jungle surroundings.