This year on Foundation, I have been able to develop and express my ideas through drawing and painting.  

I have always loved to sketch and draw and have developed techniques to do this including experimental mark making techniques, one-way perspective, measured drawing and continuous drawing, whilst considering how light effects dark, through shadow, whilst introducing acrylic paints, and water colours to develop my range of mediums. This has helped me to enhance my skills and techniques and to think creatively, imaginatively and innovatively. 

I have chosen the theme of the desert for my project on ‘Survival’ as I have experienced the Sahara and Simpson Deserts in real life. It is hard to describe the experience and feeling of visiting the desert, to someone who has never been, for me it. Through my work I want to show it as a dry landscape, a browning of the land and the slow disappearance of trees with only small signs of an existence of life. It is a sea of golden waves that have no beginning or end once you are within it.