I am a Designer Maker translating 2D drawings into 3D materiality. 

 My work is inspired by the everyday overlooked;discarded items and objects that are destined for landfill. I like to deconstruct these forgotten things, revealing their inner workings as visual inspiration to translate into three-dimensional design. 

 I am always keen to learn new skills both traditional and digital to further my development, which will allow me to stand out in this ever-changing design world. 

 This body of work “Capturing a Moment” is inspired by my father’s old SLR camera. It is an object that I am personally attached to creating a feeling of nostalgia while working through the design process. 

 My series of wearable sculpture pieces are made using a mix of precious metals, textiles, paper and plywood; challenging notions of material values in tandem with digital and analogue processing.