Influenced by The Grey (Carnahan, 2011) and Lord of the Flies (Golding, 1954) I wondered what Survival in the wilds might look like. So decided to build a shelter in the woods in order to survive.
Many of the materials used to build the shelter were collected from the forest floor.  I went along with a standard ‘A-shape’ shelter, as a starting point. I paid for two tarpaulins I used to make the sleeping shelter weather tight, a bail of hay, and two pallets I bought second hand from a service station. 
I inherited my grandfather’s camp stove, and some camping plates, bowls and cups. I turned half a bail of hay into a single duvet cover and cut the sides into strips in order to mould a mattress of sorts, and built a fire area and cooking space, away from the sleeping shelter. 
In the end, I grew bored. The wilderness shelter was a lot of fun to work on but eventually I decided to move on.