Growing up as a young girl who was generally a bit ‘different’ (which turned out to be code for ‘undiagnosed autistic’) wasn’t an easy thing and throughout my life I have developed unhealthy obsessions with musical theatre, anime,  overly-expensive  toys and aquatic life. My work is often autobiographical to an extent featuring womanhood, sexuality and homosexuality. Animated shorts have inspired me and influenced my approach to storytelling in this work. 

Nightbears  is a short film about being different, being hurt, being afraid… and ultimately being okay. Nightbears is deeply rooted in the concept of growing up and maturing, and finding your own way to fit in with the world while still holding onto what you love (represented in the film by flowers and rabbits).
It is my first attempt at a full animatic and film concept, and I learnt a lot on the job. I feel I’m still developing my voice, but I’m happy to say this film concept represents me as I am today – an aspiring illustrator, animator, author, toy designer and game maker.