My Shangri-La is a space which is my own, selfish and indulgent. This project is a celebration of my abilities both physical and creative, a festival of joy in a time which is anything but. I am surrounded by collections of things which give me memories, feelings, and spark moments of nostalgia and I wonder what a world comprised solely of these objects would look like, and how they might fit together. A tin plane taking flight with feathery wings, or a big blossoming flower which has taken home in an intricate vase.   

I really value the aspect of narrative within my work, but I know that I don’t want to tell a specific story through the designs I create, it is entirely up for interpretation. I want each aspect of my designs to be able to tell a new story or interpret a new part of an ever-unfolding tale. A way for someone to be engaged in the design and for them to make of it whatever they feel they can make sense of, without it being confined to the restrictions of one tale which they might not feel resonates with them. This way, I am able to capture a wider audience and also allow my designs to be implemented in a more flexible range of interior scenarios.  

 I have hoped to explore creative freedom within this body of work and provide myself with a well-rounded collection that sings my skills and fascinations. An interior collection which comes from my soul and hopefully speaks to others.  

I have aimed to create a collection of designs which will make a homeowner feel inspired and excited within their surroundings, designs which push the boundaries and welcome a creative freedom, whilst also uplifting an interior layout and being simply beautiful.