Heidi has focused on studying language, symbols and communication in her final degree projects and dissertation and is passionate to develop and explore secret messages in her future work exploring these outcomes with glass and metal. 

The ‘Smile Collection’ originated from her experiences whilst studying at University in lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic. The ‘smile’ was developed from exploring how people felt not being able to communicate and express themselves when wearing a mask as they would prefer to, and how they overcame that. Heidi wanted to create a positive collection of works to record this traumatic period rather than a negative one. There are 19 types of smile and only 6 are related to happiness. The message is translated into holes within the pieces and are originated from the word ‘Smile’ in UK Braille. The question is to read or not to read, this message could be unreadable without featuring holes rather than raised marks,  to most, but known by the wearer.  

This collection consists of a range of beautiful glass, silver and copper pieces of work which has culminated into collection ranges of jewellery and vessels. 

A tryptych of tactile pieces made in glass, silver and copper, ranging from spheres, to be worn as art jewellery pendants to 2d flat and half domed shapes, that are to be held, they are comforting and feel cool to the touch, then warm to the holders skin once they have been held for a while, a smile to cherish.  

A suite of 5 silver pendants that can be worn individually with one letter from the word ‘smile’ on each pendant and when this group of people get together the pendants collectively spell the word ‘smile’ in holes related to the uk braille language. Also the same in mini glass bubbles. 

A hinged silver keepsake locket that doubles up as a vessel that can be worn or used as an ornament in its own right or both Multipurpose. 

During her time at Swansea Art School, Heidi has gained valuable experience and thoroughly enjoyed the practical workshops, technical expertise and machinery available. Heidi intends to continue her work as an individual artist, designing and making with glass and other mixed media, vessels and products, kickstarting her business, fire & soul jewellery.