We are delighted to introduce  our  online  Illustration  graduate showcase, Anrhydedd. 

In difficult times our students have endeavoured as individuals and as a group. The term Anryhdedd roughly translates as honour, or esteem. It reflects the honour our graduating students have shown in their work and the esteem they have gained in their achievements. Although illustration is a multi-faceted area, with many approaches and unique styles, each student has been unified in the same journey, to tell their stories through illustration. 

Over the past three years  they  have developed  into the illustrators they wanted to become, each with their own distinct visual signature, and each demonstrating the professionalism expected of contemporary illustrators. This show  reveals the diverse nature of  illustration, and its power.  I hope you enjoy looking at the  eclectic mix  of work.  Along with the course team, I wish success and happiness to  each and every  student.