Jac Edwards

Postgraduate (Product Design)

About Jac

A compilation of poetic based methodological tools to aid the art and design process.

“Poetry can provide a Framework to create, Rich, sensory, beautiful, Engaging, and mindful Interactions through design” -Patrizia Marti

A quote that inspired and drove the pursuit for the creation of this concept and desire for the variety of methods derived in a piece that is at the forefront of this project, being my very own handbook. Along with this quote from Patrizia Marti I have been inspired by several artists, designers, and creatives throughout. Including Yinka Ilori, Keith Tyson, Martino Gamper, and Marcell Mauss. With Mauss providing the notion of a gift to me from his publication ‘The form and reason for exchange in archaic societies. ‘The gift’ coming in both a digital and physical format, holding multiple documents created and edited by myself for the next recipient. Including an inspirational message, guide, and case studies in a variety of projects and mediums showing the potential of the handbook. All encapsulated in a luxurious, modern presentation box wrapped in custom wrapping paper, further adding to the experience and story, just as you would expect from a ‘normal’ gift. The aim is that the recipient and future recipients further develop and better the methods and add their own ideas to the handbook, with the hope that the gift can help even just one artist/designer in their creative process.

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