I am an aspiring Video Game designer who enjoys all aspects of the creative process, from concept to final piece. I focus on 3D modelling as my main form of expression, and I always like to weave an important message into my work, without it being obvious. High concept landscapes and Sci-fi have always been a huge inspiration for me and being able to create these idealistic worlds is what I aspire towards. 

My concept was a point and click video game about how leaders and companies would rather abandon this planet in favour of a new one. The survival of our planet would come second best when compared to the advertisement opportunity and potential money making of promoting a new planet. A clean slate to not learn from our mistakes, but to ruin another planet. An eerie atmosphere is what I tried to create when watching the video to portray a sense of betrayal and, ultimately, the emptiness of the promise of a new home. My intention for this work is to both entertain and also contain a message.