I am a young designer who has a keen interest in furniture design. I have a strong belief that design should question the users outlook on the objects around them, and that it’s important that we continue to develop design for the benefit of future generations. These are values that are carried into my own practice, as I am continually self-improving and developing my skills. I am interested in being challenged and enjoy problem solving in order to produce forward thinking products. Standing by the belief that great design is for everyone and second grade design is not acceptable, a product should not only work, but also be a piece of art. It’s this design ethos that I have instilled into my own design studio JOSANYA Design. 

JOSANYA Design is an art and design studio who specialize at designing bespoke home furnishes and décor. This includes anything from seating, luminaires or fine art. Our mission is to create high end products that satisfy and fulfil our customers’ requirements. We are a family run studio, who strives to provide a professional outcome; but also realise the value of providing a friendly attitude and approach towards our clients.