I am an aspiring computer games artist with a strong interest in character, level, and environmental design. 
I am inspired by video-game and film producers including Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami, and John Carpenter. I create atmospheres and environments that are often surreal and intense, with an underlying sinister tone. One of the most effective methods to create this ambience is through the use of lighting effects and colour, using a variety of software packages to create my effects including Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, and Blender.
For the Survival Project, I designed a basic level in the Unreal Engine 4 programme, featuring a mannequin standing alone in a dark room with three different sources of light. The colour of each light source places an emphasis on a past event in the character’s life. For example, the ever-present blue light in the centre of the room is a denotation to his own melancholy, and memories of a tumultuous childhood.
It is my goal to fulfil a career within the world of computer game creation, and in the future I aim to run my own company.