This collection observes balance and colour. The past year has been extremely challenging for a multitude of reasons: it has affected not only me, but the world. And through all these difficulties there has only been a couple things that have kept me, well… sane; Colour being one. There have been multiple studies on the effect that colour has on people, these vary from looking at clothes, landscapes, interiors, and even natural light, but the underlining conclusion is that colour can in fact impact our moods and emotions. In a 2018 Ted Talk, Ingrid Fetell Lee explains that ‘Joy is an intense, momentary experience of positive emotion.’ These interior pieces aim to bring joy and balance to a space, especially since we are all having to spend a lot more time in spaces then we usually would. The shapes morph as the light in a space may change, but the vessels themselves do not. This represents the idea that if our base is strong, it does not matter what happens around us we will still be standing strong and full of light and colour.