My work is highly intuitive, expressive and bold. My approaches include layering visuals, as well as including text and poetry to ultimately bring my visions to life and make my pieces whole.
I begin by finding something in the environment that stimulates me, I reflect on that thing and then immediately produce a reaction and reflection of that experience. My preparatory work is often made digitally using Procreate on the iPad, however, I quickly move to large-scale analogue work. This enables me to create highly expressive and painterly pieces which explore and portray my personality.
I am brash – I like to directly challenge my audience and to confront and seek out habitual responses to difficult questions. 
I am impulsive – my best work is a response to spontaneous internal drives.
I am curious – I need to try new experiences and use them to build up my knowledge.
I am obsessive – If I see a new artistic approach, I will do it repeatedly until I master it.  
I am my art.