Nature has been a connective throughout my project. Beginning with natural materials, colours and the effect it has on everyone’s mental health. I began taking daily walks in my local area and gathering pictures of the landscape, natural forms and the familiarity of the place gave me comfort. I then began to explore using colour palettes I found in nature that were natural and earthy. I wanted my materials to be dyed naturally as it is less harmful to the environment. Using food waste, I was able to create colours that aren’t harmful for the environment and would biodegrade naturally. It still amazes me today that so much beauty can be made from waste. Appreciating the rawness of natural colours like brown, allows us to feel centred and grounded. These natural colours mixed with sustainably sourced materials create an innovative biodegradable material that has many possibilities. One of these possibilities is to replace existing shoe soles with my biodegradable rubber. Due to the short period of time consumers wear and change shoes this could improve waste streams, as the material is biodegradable. This rubber can be moulded, cut and formed easily, meaning brands can still keep their signature style.