Lee Hendry

Postgraduate (Sound)

About Lee

I have produced an audio world travel guide, centred around seven individual pieces of music composed in the style of ‘minimalism’. Each one has its own flavour and represents one of the seven continents of the globe. The travel guide is housed on my specially created website and is presented in both English and my own language of Cyanese, which I exclusively developed for this project. My site includes visual and interactive elements, information about each destination, as well as spoken-word audio in Cyanese. Please visit lvhmusic.com to experience the guide in full.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

A utah xonivomp ni iadea frebow kuxawt ejeug, vemprec mivaira seqes haawizixni kaboip fe kegum wazowsoc na egot ejokrs fe ‘liyejukilim’. Xacie ano wah tai fuwo naicayaf xana refumezewter ano fe egot seqes qeresiquproc fe egot abobug. Egot kuxawt ejeug sa powioh ne zam lifvaaqewse lohienic umaqrew xana sa deduyegemp na kojob Drafuvane xana zam fuwo oqielijal fe Ifuyagoc, gotiliw A gocituhozasexe vimunemed sof tigt nidaqomp. Zam oris xuvamyani kaaxiv xana unarsexohni sesgekele, leimiqebewn jaiba xacie xoosagakped, si duhew si dajows yabow iadea na Ifuyagoc. Osiesep bixiv lvhmusic.com et icucauvegoxe egot ejeug na miyuf.

A azoh ioy musne egot ofir!

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