I have explored the Welsh word Hiraeth, based around the feeling of nostalgia, longing and wistfulness. Focusing on the seaside town Cei Newydd as this is where I feel hiraeth for, I found inspiration within the landscape, seascape, the nature and the town itself, as well as different childhood memories which were unlocked having conversations with my family. I translated these into abstract imagery through hand-painting and drawing, which were explored further digitally and in the print room, and applied to materials such as wools to evoke feelings of nostalgia through touch.  

For the final collection, I created a series of designs through hand-printing, needle-punching, and digital methods. The versatile collection is designed to unlock the feeling of hiraeth for others, and to bring a sense of escapism within the home and beyond.  

 I have a love for creating surface pattern and printed textiles for interiors, which is concept and process driven, and often influenced by my homeland, Wales. I would like to build on my knowledge and take this passion forward, either by studying on a Masters level or by starting my creative career as a young designer.