I am a Spanish multi-lingual automotive designer who constantly seeks to develop my ability to create and innovate by bringing together my designing skills and personal strengths and extrapolate them to my professional future, where I never want to stop learning and surpassing myself. My preferred part of every project is the concept creating process and communicating the idea as best as possible with an Alias model and a VRED render. In my personal life, I have successfully managed my time throughout my studies by combining them with sports, social life and work responsibilities whilst maintaining excellent academic results. Also, as a person with an international upbringing, I consider myself an open-minded person who is aware of the necessity of urgently approaching global issues, such as the climate emergency. Because of this, for my major project, I’ve designed a self-sustained hypercar which will generate its own power from renewable and natural resources; such as wind and light obtained from the surroundings, and while maintaining the essence of road transportation.