Margaret Hastings

Postgraduate (Fine Art)

About Margaret

Let us design a polytropic, polymechanistic ramble  

My work is a complication of fold and knot, labyrinth and language, text and textile, the material and the virtual. 

with a thousand twists, turns and connections, 

It explores the third space in-between as a pleated place of translation, a tangled web of connection, a manifold multiplicity.  

Ulysses’ bag of tricks. 

I have created a single non-linear interconnected structure which is a synthesis of (images of) crocheted sculpture, projected film, animated word and virtual web.  

It resembles a labyrinth, 

Three untranslatable words, each one a nexus of ideas and history, are represented in crochet and in video and act as multiple entrances to a conceptual labyrinth.  

as if the Cretan hero  

QR codes translate between the material and the conceptual, making unseen connections visible.   

had traced on the sea  

Augmented Reality reveals a dynamic layer of meaning hidden within the folds of seemingly static images.  

the maze of the land Michel Serres

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