For my ‘Warmth and Wellbeing’ womenswear collection, I drew inspiration from the concept of biophilic design and wellbeing. Inspired by British wildflowers, I commercialised my patterns and hand-painted motifs using digital methods in order to create a multi-market collection.  

 This approach when combined with the textural nature of comfort textiles, creates a fashion forward textiles collection that is comforting and full of energy. My interest in how colour is used as an emotive indicator influenced the vibrant colour palette across the collection, introducing energetic hues that exude warmth as a factor for positivity.  

 I have created a hybridised collection exploring digital techniques and hand-rendered processes. Through fusing screenprinted and needlepunched fabrics I have developed multi-processed textural designs that engage the wearer.  

 I revel in the research stage of a brief and have created a trend book to showcase the relationship between my research and final outcomes, linking to current and future trends to forge new pathways within creative communities.  

 After graduation, I intend to be employed in a role working in either print design for womenswear or apply my love for research to a role in a trend-leading company.