Max Wright

Film & TV

About Max

As a filmmaker, my aim is primarily to entertain with a gripping, engaging and thought-provoking story. My year on the foundation course and three years with the Film and TV course has given me a lot of time and material to improve my craft, from improving my technical skills to learning how to develop a story so it translates well on camera. 

My recent projects include ‘Cariad,’ a film about a young transgender woman coming out and being confronted by her family over her decision to, set against the backdrop of the world of organised crime. I have been working on this in some form for 3 years, starting to write the script as part of an exercise in class in the first year, developing it through the second and filming it in the third. There’s a great sense of accomplishment seeing it finally come to fruition and have it ready to be viewed and shared around. 

Going forward from uni, I intend to submit ‘Cariad’ to a number of film festivals in the hopes that it attracts enough attention that a production studio could potentially take me on as a crew member. 

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