The scheme I designed is for a new build development in the SA1 docklands masterplan and will provide an archive and exhibition to store and display Welsh architecture. Additionally, providing public spaces, such as a library, which would benefit students at the local university. The proposed building comprises of two masses separated by an atrium. The two sides of the building are clad in timber and slate, the atrium is a light glazed structure. The proposed building materials fit with the colour palette of the area and the industrial docklands setting, but it was also important that the building be of its time and differentiated from surrounding buildings. 

The building envelope and frame have been specified to have low embodied energy, e.g. a Glulam frame with the internal floors being constructed from CLT. The building envelope has been designed to reduce energy consumption and improve the building performance, e.g. maximising airtightness, optimising solar gain, and natural ventilation. To reduce energy consumption further, ‘mixed-mode’ ventilation will be used whereby both natural and mechanical ventilation is combined, e.g. stack ventilation will help to ventilate the atrium. Energy will be generated from renewable sources on site, e.g. the use of a GSHP and Photovoltaics.