This Interiors Collection invites you to be whisked away into the wilderness, rediscovering the wonders of nature through painterly, illustrative scenes and curious creatures. A conversational series of pattern and print, each design is imbued with the secrets and fables of the natural world, taking influence from both Greek mythology and common fable. Inspired by the great painters of the Renaissance Era, depicting dreamy scenes of myth and legend, each pattern tells a unique story and is able to coordinate and intertwine with others to enable the user to create their own story within the home, steeped with a luxe taste of maximalist aesthetic. 

With a focus on hand illustration each motif is lovingly constructed in pencil and graphite and brought to life in colour and bloom digitally, melding the process of handcraft and digital manipulation. Drawing from life, influenced by abundant foliage and florals, this collection is a celebration of the natural world and the concept of Biophilia, with a curious twist that is unapologetically unique.  

After graduation I am eager to continue pursuing my passion for designing conversational prints and patterns, and aim to establish my own Interiors & Home Brand.