My name is Nathaniel Charles Raynes, and I have just completed my third year in UWTSD’s Swansea School of Architecture. The scheme I am showcasing ran throughout the year as part of 3 different modules and consisted of a master planning project, design project and the technical drawings of the design project. The site was in the SA1 waterfront area near the UWTSD Fforwm building and was used as the site for the masterplan. I was then designed one of the proposed master planning buildings.   

The building designed was a Gallery and Archive building for the Royal society of Architects in Wales to show the public the designs and processes of new and old buildings in Wales to bring people closer to architecture. Built from red brick and using a glue laminated frame and structurally insulated timber panels, the building fits well into its context next to the Fforwm and IQ buildings while paying homage to the red bricked dockside warehouses that once stood there.