For my lifestyle collection, ‘a space to breathe’ I have explored individuals’ perceived ideas of escapism and freedom amidst a global pandemic. My interests revolve around creating uplifting prints that mirror the sense of freedom & escapism felt through the environment when we connect to nature.  

 ‘A space to breathe’ consists of three separate sub collections, all focusing on the places where we may feel a deeper ‘connection’ to nature. These include: British gardens, elements of the landscape and dreamy escapade locations. The aim of these sub collections is to emphasise the dreamy patterns, textures and colours found within our treasured environment through printed fabrics and papers for interiors and fashion created through expressive & exploratory methods both digitally and through hand processes.  

 I love to incorporate vibrant and harmonious colours within my work as I have always been interested in the psychological effect colour can have, and how this can be applied to influence our moods and wellbeing. My goals after graduating are to continue developing my skills, and I aspire to gain industry experience to better understand the fashion and interior industry, gathering an even better understanding for printed surfaces.