Hey, I’m Randell, currently finishing my creative technology degree at UWTSD

One of my favourite aspects of music is the creation part. Although not exclusively, I write a lot of music from sounds that I gather when field recording. I really enjoy experimenting with samples by adding effects to see what sort of sound I can get out of them.

My segment is a showcase of some of my binaural work. I became interested in binaural audio after listening to some remixes of songs online done in binaural. I really liked how intimate it made the music sound. I have also been interested in how as a tool, it can be used to create an immersive world of sound. Since then I’ve been exploring binaural software for different types of projects. I’ve used it for music and for audio dramas. After finishing Uni, I’m intending to go into game audio, to specialise in sound for virtual reality.

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