indulgent display of hand painted florals, foliage and fragrant ingredients, curated to illustrate personality driven, visual scents. Each of the five designs has been inspired by a different herione’s narrative extracted from mythology. This collection is intened to portray a stong, feminine persona, intened for all women. Using a multi-disiplinary approach with all of the designs being hand drawn and painted. Some digitally printed and others designed for screen, to allow a variety of textures and surface treatments. 

Aiming to promote inclusivity and female empowerment, this body of work is a pre-season activist collection, of textiles for fashion. A versatile range of designs that would work in both couture and high street curations. For all women deserve to be reminded of their incredible uniqueness, the strength of self acceptence and what we can over come when united. After the year that we have edured, our strength has never been more evident.