I am Saihaan (Mikael) Islam-Ahmed. As part of a final year part one architectural studies development the task was set to design, a masterplan for the SA1 Waterfront IQ Development for Studio 1, Studio 2 then introduced the development of spatial coordination of a building defined within the masterplan proposal, with Studio 3 resolving the technical details for the design proposal.

I chose as my project  Thinktank, which had highlighted the need to define ‘What kind of Thinktank? And What does it mean for me?’ This concluded with the resolution of providing a Thinktank Innovation Centre providing services and equipment for the seamless development of product design with the latest prototyping equipment and facilities to accommodate for this including Brainstorming hubs labelled ‘WunderBuro’ (The Offices of Wonder), an inspirational atrium space welcoming an abundance of natural lighting connected to an atrium corridor labelled ‘The Reality Hub’, partially-exposing the structure to truly highlight the mechanical and retro-futuristic characteristics of the building. Elements of the design nods back to the site’s historical context being a leading industrial innovator in copperworks, shown with the design’s function and the use of upcycled and recycled copper cladding as part of a sustainability initiative.