I am Samassi Henderson-Crowther During my final year, I worked on a single project from start to finish. Three major design considerations were involved in Studio 3A-3C. Master planning, conceptualization, and detailing at a high level.The development site offered was mostly uninhabited and was located on Swansea Waterfront, which is home to a large number of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. An extensive analysis was conducted to better understand the area and the effects that various strategies would have if implemented. As a result of a broad and strategic approach to the master plan, a new environment was created, including new green spaces, large parklands, and footpaths to the docklands. The Student Centre was the primary project that advanced to the design stage. Following careful consideration, a unique and robust design with contrasting materials, textures, and colours was used, resulting in a natural structure that met all requirements. Vibrant internal spaces were envisioned and carried out throughout the project’s timeframe in the procedure of detailing and within aspects of interior design.