My current work is influenced by imagination and fantasy. I have found myself returning to creative writing as a form of expression and I use this alongside illustration to develop stories in which I invent new worlds with characters within them. 
C.S Lewis, Anne Rise, Sally Green and Terry Brooks have all influenced these fantasy worlds.  I like to draw inspiration from those around me, and this often informs the initial ideas in which I also recall the places visited in my local area, including the woods close to my house. This brings with it a space of freedom, of imagination. 
For the exhibition, I have been combining fantasy with the supernatural including vampires and witches within different mystical realms to express fantasy crossing over into familiar and comfortable spaces like the beach or forest. These can also be full of mystery and danger and the characters can possess these places with their spirits.  I have attempted to express some of these ambiguous aspects using a variety of medium, aiming to combine 2D and 3D elements, and printed matter as collage, inspired by artist Su Blackwell.