Sara Tace Conde

Postgraduate (Visual Communication)

About Sara

With sculptures that raise questions to the nonparticipant, Sara Tace’s work reassesses modern utopias and deploys a sculptural work marked by construction, aesthetics, memory, and time. Sara Tace regularly questions the concept of solitude as a restorative element in life, which is used as a benchmark in her approach that seeks above all to include art in a larger personal and reflective context.

Her artistic vocabulary is made of easy-to-reach materials: Concrete, tile adhesive, natural objects, and human ephemera that she employs in understandable manufacturing processes, to create a metaphor for visualising a memory, time, or place of safety. There is a certain literality in which the structural composition of the artwork reveals itself at first glance but it remains polysemous.

Aside from the form, rereadings of the cubistic principles alongside the works of Walden, Bachelard, and Taffe, Sara Tace’s work, is inviting the viewer to become a producer themselves and is to be considered in the light of the alternative and emancipatory creator of a unique sculptural memory trigger.

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