Thoughtful Chaos is a collection designed for open-ended play and joyful interactions. Formed to boost personal and communal wellbeing, creating a rediscovered sense of connection in a post-pandemic world.   

 This tactile tool kit encourages the user to reclaim physical connections following a period of limited tactile experiences. Driven by optimism, escapism and joy seeking, consumers want to regrow and immerse themselves with joyful design and constructive influence – this is Thoughtful Chaos.  

 The collection is designed to be adapted into different interior settings, from home to gallery spaces. The purpose is to introduce tangible joy, to reimagine the everyday and reform essential play.  

Giving the tools to an individual to; assemble, curate and present joy in their personal visual narrative. 

 Extensive material play and playfully selected colour, pattern and forms were key in the development of the collection. Final outcomes are produced by screen printing onto calico and plywood. Layered laminated needle punched material is applied.  

Siwan is a designer maker defined by curiosity, sensitivity of colour and the intuitive aim of providing joy.  Each design becomes an ingredient for play as her concepts and trends analysis is translated into tangible material forms.