A collection of patterns and print for interior surfaces, that is aimed to elevate people’s lives with elements of art deco curves and traditional plants in herbal medicine and folklore. It’s a biophilic driven brief with a touch a magic, inspired by dark interior aesthetics. During the recent and current pandemic, many have found themselves re-styling their homes and dividing rooms into more multi-functional spaces. I wanted to reflect on this and bring an element of healing and joy into the narrative of this collection and bring the surface alchemist to life. 

The material elements include a mixture of digitally printed fabrics and wallcoverings, hand printed wallpaper and fabrics, as well as screen printed and engraved wood and slate.  

Now finishing my MDES degree in Surface Pattern Design, I am now looking at my next steps. Looking at opportunities that are at the tip of my fingers and also looking at officially opening a small Esty shop. It’s time for me to take a step back, reflect and look on for new big things.