‘Floriculture, branch of ornamental  horticulture  concerned with growing and marketing  flowers  and ornamental plants as well as with  flower arrangement.’  (Petruzzello, 2019) 

 My love for plants and the garden has come from my heavily botanical upbringing in my family-owned garden centre. I have always been fascinated by plants and florals, they have always been the main inspiration to my artwork. 

Since we have all been spending so much time at home recently, I wanted to create a collection that not only looked pretty and on trend, but one that could really help our mental wellbeing. ‘Biophilic design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions’ I want the plants and florals that I am drawing to resonate with the feeling that you want in the room you are in.  

I want to bring joy back into the home. All the time we have spent this year at home means that we need to make it an even happier and joyful space to be in. By using biophilic design we can benefit our wellbeing in our own homes.