As a designer I am very diverse in my work, however, I have always loved creating floral patterns for fashion. As a very fashion forward individual, I wanted to create a high impact floral final collection. Inspired by upcoming trends and colours, I created both a highly digital collection and a contrasting hand painted collection, celebrating modern design technology and not forgetting the traditional techniques. 

 My final collection is inspired by British nature and blooms. Many of us found hope and escapism on our daily walks during the 2020 pandemic, this bright and bold collection symbolises this hope as well as being a celebration of our native blooms.  

 My final collections are split into a catwalk ‘Floral Fantasy’ collection, a high end, luxury collection full of silks and large-scale impact floral prints. The true definition of sophistication and luxury. Followed by a Ready to wear ‘Summer Meadow’ collection, a breath of fresh air and a sense of revival. This collection features cotton twill and hand painted wildflowers in spring colours.  

 I am now seeking employment or internship within a fashion house as an in-house pattern designer