The Garden of Flora is a collection of Interior and stationery inspired designs from spring blooms from my garden, pressed flowers and plants. I was inspired by the white grounds of Portmeirion pottery and Portmeirion architecture for my design and colour palette. The colour was also inspired by trending colours for SS21 interiors.  

Within ‘The Garden of Flora’ collection, a handful of my designs are inspired by Scandinavian design. I was inspired by the lushness of the colour palettes used by the designers that I researched and how fresh and contemporary the designs were, so I created my own take on Scandinavian design using spring blooms and plants. 

The products I have designed for are interior coverings and accessories, stationery, gift wares and wall prints. The designs used within my stationery collection are the simpler designs from ‘The Garden of Flora’.   

I decided to focus on florals as I really enjoy taking inspiration from natural surroundings. I love the lush colour palettes, movement and delicateness that you can achieve from studying plants and flowers. I enjoy capturing this within my illustrations and designs.