Lucy Woodrow

Fine Art

About Lucy

Lucy’s practice is based on performative actions, memory and touch. She is intrigued by the sensation of touch, the act of application and the clear presence of an individual who is no longer in the given space. She opens a dialogue on numerous aspects of her life, causing vulnerability and a raw intensity throughout her performance work.

Lucy is inspired by what has been left behind: a hand mark on a dusted surface or a pile of clothes left on the floor to crease over time, water running down her arm, the sharp crisp burn from boiling water, all of which creates a sensation important to her practice. The sentimentality of materials allows for a vulnerable approach within a space, where mark-making reveals the existence of a moment in time. The simple gestures create an emotionally captivating atmosphere.

Lucy’s intent is to acknowledge the moment contained within the performance. Throughout her practice, she strives for both an emotional and physical connection.