As a designer it is important to me to respond to the current themes going on throughout the world on a local and global scale. Lockdown has seen us locked away in our homes and more than ever I appreciate the natural beauty of the landscapes and environment around me, especially the Gower. Daily walks along the coast were the only times that felt like escapism for me, I wanted to portray that same feeling of escapism through my work for peoples furnishes and homes. I have created a multidisciplinary fabric and wallpaper collection for interiors called Calming Coastlines. Using the concept of biophilic design, Calming Coastlines will feature lots of imagery and textures from ripples in the sand, patterns on shells and breaks in the waves. It explores lots of processes from screen and digital print, cyanotype printing, laser engraving and stitch. As a soon to be graduate designer it is important to be mindful of the waste I produce, parts of this collection have been produced from end of rolls scraps and waste material that would have been thrown away.