‘NIYYAH’, an Islamic concept which means intention. This name was chosen for my collection as it carries the intention of wellness along with connection. In Islam, we believe that the intention to do something good is just as good as the act of doing. My intention is to fill the spaces of emptiness the pandemic has left and remind ourselves of the closeness and comfort of touch we once had and will have again. This collection of 10 tactile models made from lost wax casting in glass was inspired by the motion of touch and feel. These objects were created to bring back that romantic and nostalgic notion of connection we once had as a society. Covid-19 caused an abrupt stop in connecting with loved ones through physical touch and closeness. This collection is a reminder of the hope of feeling that closeness once again. Some of the glass models represent two familiar hands reaching for the other, some models were designed to show stress we felt at the start of the pandemic and other models represent my personal connection with Allah (God) and how keeping my religious and spiritual connections close has helped ease this new and unfamiliar world we live in today.