Global stress and anxiety levels are growing as the population works longer and harder. This project aims to tackle this taboo subject whilst designing an autonomous experience that calms the mind and enhances the senses. 

I.G.-Z4 is an autonomous pod for the year 2050 that captures the essence of Ikigai and Zen, whilst enabling the occupants to create a tailor-made experience that promotes positivity and connectivity with nature. Inspired by Japanese culture and Zen gardens, the I.G.-Z4’s interior aims to bring the outside in by using natural and organic materials.  

The past three years has enabled me to explore different avenues of Automotive Design such as research, inspiration, colour pallets, UE and UI. These avenues have sparked my interest and passion for project R&D as well as creating inspiration boards for projects that influence colour and trim design aswell as the 3D visualisation of my work. I hope to one continue this passion as a career after graduating university.  

Completing part of my course in Welsh has also allowed me to work with students from different disciplines and take part in exhibitions across Wales, aswell as being awarded the Saint David’s Award of 2021.